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Artic Ice tall or Artic pro


My favorite article pros have a hole :o

I love my artic pros however what about the new artic ice tall?  On one site I believe that the ice only have 5mm neoprene where the pros have 8.  Does anyone have experience with the artic ice?

I just picked up a pair of the Arctic Ice and a pair of pros, the Arctic Ice are definitely much thicker. And I really like the sinch on the AIís

hardwater diehard:

I picked up a pair from Scheels last season for $99 around this time ...good boot and was warm . My Muck Artic sprots served me well...but my my feet tend to get cold ...problem solved. Going to suggest going up a size ...more sock options and the wiggle room is need for circulation .

Take a look at Baffin. Really warm boots. Good luck.

Thanks for the feed back.  I took another look at the AI's on my computer and not my phone and saw that the 5mm referenced is in the sole and that the upper is 8mm like the AP's.  The AP's only have 2mm in the sole.  Do the AI's feel like they have a similar footbed to the AP's.  I really like the support and footbed of the AP's.  I have a pair of Baffin Titans and they are reserved for super cold minimal movement on the ice or hunting from my saddle.  The Baffin's are incredibly warm and have the absolute best moisture wicking liners I have ever seen.  My feet will be bone dry at the end of the day and the outside of the liner and inside of the boot will be soaking wet.  The only down side of my Titan's is that they are like walking around in my slippers.  They do not have the support that the Mucks have.  The Baffins get most of their use late season Deer hunting.  I will be picking up a pair of the Artic Ice Talls.   


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