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Just wondering how everyone did during the fall months chasin critters around the hills. Didn't hear from many over on "myhuntingforum.com" . Post 'em up!

^^^70 yard shot

^^^55 yard shot. Extreme downhill...aimed for 40

^^^second elk with the bow. 5th bull in a row

^^little guy I shouldn't have shot...but he sure tasts good.

And now I'm on to birds with the new puppy. His first year out he's doing really good. He's a pro with ducks. Didn't retrieve the first one of the year but has retrieved all of them since, even some across the river that I send him to hunt for. I've killed 25 ducks so far I think. Geese is a different story...he's not too fond of them yet but I've only got 4 so I'm hoping he'll catch on soon.

I think we'll try it over here on IS and see how it works.....Post away!!!

My 14 year old son got his first bear yesterday as well. Will post pics as soon as I unbury the camera out of my pickup! ;D

That makes for a proud poppa, jaklakmak. Congrats to your son and enjoy the good eatin'.    :thumbsup:
We're watchin' for the pics.


Our baby bulls from this year.  We also got two cows.


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