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This thread is meant to serve as a resource for those looking for fishing partners. Feel free to post particulars about yourself (fishing related), or simply invite fellow fishermen on specific upcoming fishing trips you are planning. With enough participation this thread could become a "Go-To" list for those seeking fishing partners with similar interests.

Some suggested particulars you could post about yourself: Geographic location, favorite species, bodies of water generally fished, description of vehicle, what you where on the ice etc...

Disclaimer: Use common sense and proper caution when accepting/offering invites to others. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) posting to this thread is prohibited.

*Please use pm's to reply to posts, and modifying posts vs. creating new ones to help keep the thread as clean and organized as possible ;)

I am a 27 yr old father of 2 boys from Laramie. I mainly fish the Laramie Plains lakes. I have a hand auger, a hut and a few rods to offer. I will fish for anything that swims! Drive a green dodge Neon. Always interested in getting on the lake and fishing with new people :tipup:

Don, 37 in Douglas.  Perfer perch, crappie, walleye and trout.  Just love to fish.  Glendo is not iced up yet, so willing to travel for ice and some pointers or company on new waters is appreciated.

 :tipup:  Howdy Don...say I can get loose during the week for some hardwater entertainment. Another nut for icefishing,I fish for walleye mainly and catch all others on accident. When the crappie and perch are going thats a blast too, and even like a good cat occasionally.

Fishen either high savery (if there is safe ice) or saratoga lake this weekend if anyone is interested.

26years old. I have my own equipment..(rods, tip-ups, hand auger, tackle....)


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