Author Topic: Have you started prep for the new season/ Avez-vous débuter prep. nouv. saison?  (Read 2704 times)

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Bonjour à tous!  combien d'entre vous préparez la nouvelle saison?  Nouvelle abri? nouvel équipment? partageé vos récentes acquisition.

Good day to you all! How many of you are preparing for the season ahead? New shanty? new equipment? share with us and lets get this page going...

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Avez-vous débuter prep. nouv. saison?
« Reply #1 on: Oct 09, 2015, 11:22 AM »
Not yet, I am hoping that I will be doing more hard water fishing then the soft version only 2 trips plus 1 afternoon for me in 2015, hard to catch lots that way but I am happy to have caught my first 3 lake trout of my life.

Still wish to go out before hard water gets here maybe in my kayak too.

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I've been preparing my rods, flip-u[p and pop-up and I'm almost ready!  The ice never comes fast enough!  Have not bought anything in particular this year other than replacing a few rods that broke last year and replacing line! 

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I've started... I'm super pumped for the ice to start freezing on the little panfish ponds I know :) Just ordered some lures for a BOQ trip I'm planning on doing to hopefully get a double digit walleye! And I've started making plans on some tip-ups I wanna build to complete my arsenal. Can't wait for the ice to come!!!


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