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--- Quote from: bluegillJake on Mar 01, 2022, 12:40 PM ---I've been too embarrassed by my fishing performance lately to post anything >:(

--- End quote ---
Same here.The single perch I caught was only as big as my hand.  My hand width, not length.   :(
Not kidding.  :o

Ronnie D:
Favorite time of the year when they get riled up around ice out. These 2 had their way w/ a golf ball before seeing da ice & an 18" bass on a tip up.
Swift Tines

Took my youngest out for the last hoorah and it didn't disappoint. A few of the toads she pulled in...and she out fished me 5 to 1. I love it when a plan comes together.  ;)

Awesome .... I been smoking a 10lb pork butt since 6 am... Cut it in half did the bone in side honey garlic cinnamon for a sweet cherry bbq pulled pork... And sliced off the boneless side and rubbed with onion garlic and herbs for slicing for sandwiches

Been on Otsego lake hammering perch at state park. No time to get online.


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