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So i tried my clan plate with gear box and drill combo today for the 1st time.... I only have 1.5 amp hour batteries so expectations were low.... 1st i used my buddies brand new lazer shaver hand auger.... Cut 18 holes in 6.5 inches of ice no problem then i out on an eskimo 6 inch shaver and cut 6 more..... Still have 2 bars on the battery.... Im pumped... Might sell the jiffy

Electric augers are pretty awesome!

I have a 5ah battery on my Milwaukee and clam plate with a 6 inch Nils.    I drilled at least 75 holes this weekend (so about 400 inches of ice) and had 2 bars left on the battery

With 2 5ah batteries I'm pretty much guaranteed to never run out unless I'm hole hopping like crazy through 20 inches of ice

I think without the gearbox on the clam plate id need bigger batteries

I have a new$99 Ryobi (2 ah battery) hammer drill with a right-angle grips for firm control, attached to auger adapter pin and cheap auger. It cuts terrific (speed + hole#). I have less than $200 in the entire rig and no regrets:-)

Seriously thinking of selling 3hp jiffy


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