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--- Quote from: SpartySturg on Jan 21, 2022, 11:34 AM ---Hali's can be awesome at times, especially for perch.
I have been putting the dropper hook chain on a tungsten jig with some good results for panfish.  ;)
I use a small piece of plastic tube to hold in place.

--- End quote ---

Speaking of Halis, I've never used them much, but today it worked great for bluegills with a spike on the dropper hook. It was 29 fow so I wanted to put on something that would get down there fast. Turned out they loved it.

O man when the panfish bite is finnikyi find a hali or a johnson snare spoon is the ticket.....  They are pretty much the same except the snare spoot is a little more football shaped as opposed to the stick shape of the hali and the snare spoos has a slightly bigger sturdier hook which i like a lot ive always felt the hali hooks were a touch small for my type of fishing

My panfish box

Box with inherited jigs

Top of this box
Hali for perch and smelt

Bottom of box
Perch and Crappie

More perch and crappie

Walleye and perch

Last but not least, some of my plastics. Not pictured.... high end ziplock carrying bag.

I use both plastic boxes from screws with closed cell foam and Plano boxes with the same close cell foam.  I slice threw the foam about 1/2 way then insert the lure into it with the hooks up.  That way I can sort them by size and color.  For my jigging raps or body baits I use the same technique but they are inserted on an angle.  Hope this helps. 

Here is how I store my jigs and lures for perch

Here are how I store my lures for walleyes and pike


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