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Are any lakes fish able in the Kalamazoo/portage area?

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Stopped back yesterday.  I would not trust the ice that was there. It looked to be mostly slush. I'll wait for colder weather to freeze 'em up.

Tipup Master:
I don't know about Kazoo but the lakes are fishable in Sister Lakes and Paw Paw Lake off the Watervliet ramp. And Stone Lake in Cassopolis.

I was on 2 lakes yesterday Cass and Van Buren and had anywhere from 4-6 inches of good ice

So probably just as good or better in Kzoo/Portage, depending on the lake

Checked out the KZ lakes on Sunday.

Sugarloaf, Hogset, Long Lake (KZ), Hampton are all 5 - 6 inches of ice.

FYI....nobody had anything good to say about the bite yesterday.

Ice is all pretty good. Agree, the bite is off and sucks. 3 hours and 2 dinks.


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