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Are any lakes fish able in the Kalamazoo/portage area?

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Van Buren and Allegan lakes are a no go. Looking for lakes around Kalamazoo  and portage. Any tips would be appreciated

Did that snow hammer Van Buren? I was hoping some of the bigger lakes hadn't froze before the snow but that might have been too optimistic...

Checked a few lakes in allegan co.pretty much slush.no ice.

    Lots of guys on the south bay of Gull. Some other small lakes also have enough ice.

I stopped by Wolf Lake yesterday.  A guy way to the right fishing.  There was a guy in the parking lot that had been out most of the day.  He said they had done pretty well on gills.  He said there was 3-4" of good ice.  Didn't venture out myself, had no spud with me.  As I was getting ready to leave, he began walking out to the other guys that were out there.  Watched him for awhile.  still waling when I left.


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