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Joe in T.C.:

--- Quote from: wannafishmore on Jan 30, 2022, 04:56 PM ---Any recent info on Skegemog?  Planning on coming up Feb 11 to 13.

--- End quote ---

10 to 12" of ice, quads and sleds everywhere. No cars or trucks yet, but it won't be long before there is.

Everyone is still catching lots of perch, just have to sort out the little ones to make a meal, and there can be lots of little ones :)

Be careful on Baggs Rd. lots of these guys around

Good Luck All :tipup:

Joe in T.C.:
Use the boat launch access off Baggs Road (park pass required)

You will see the crowds

Parking fills up quick, you may have to park on the road.

My favorite bait is minnows and spikes, but wigglers and wax worms work great too.

lots and lots of little ones, but there are some nice ones as well.

Good Luck All :tipup:

Any new updates? I'm heading there tomorrow for the first time ever and taking the GF out for her first time on the ice. Thanks for any help

And then I looked at the past before me and recurrences the info I was looking for. Sorry folks and thank you Joe

Anyone been on Skeg lately?


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