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Joe in T.C.:

--- Quote from: Dinosaur1 on Jan 11, 2022, 03:49 PM ---Couple of questions; is the ice thick enough to support a quad and if not how far out is it to walk. Old coots either need thick ice or a short walk and hopefully a few fish. Havenít really had a banner day for several years.

--- End quote ---

I would bring the quads and check the ice. If you don't like the ice, the first group is not far from the launch and is walkable.
The second group is more of a walk and the third group is a hike.
As always on Skegemog we get a lot of small ones and you will need to sort to get a meal.
Of course, this year's small perch are next years keepers  :)

Good Luck All  :tipup:

Buddy of mine and I are heading up to Skeg this weekend. Hopefully we can find some fish. We fish it in the spring for bass but have never been there on ice. Should b fun.

Hit Skeg today.  First time ever ice fishing there  Lots of perch, mostly small ones but ended up with 15 nice ones. Lots of snowmobiles and ATVs.  Definitely on my list to do again. 

Im out here.... Ice is beautiful... Day isnt bad.... No fish to be seen though... In about 13 fow.... Cant really see much which is unusual to me... At least for this lake.... 1 dink so far

Any recent info on Skegemog?  Planning on coming up Feb 11 to 13.


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