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As a taxidermist I've mounted some huge smallmouths out of that lake!

Joe in T.C.:
Checked Skegemog this morning. Friday 01-07-2022
about 5" of clear ice with about 4" of snow.

Just a few people this morning.
By the time I left, the parking lot was almost full and there was even a snowmobile on the ice.
What a difference a week makes!

lots and lots of little ones, but was able to sort out 21 that were 9 to 11"

5" of clear ice

first perch

information travels fast


Good Luck all  :tipup:

Nice ones! Iíd be up there tomorrow but I suck on that lake

Preacher Chuck:
Thanks Joe.  Will be there in a couple weeks from Tennessee

Couple of questions; is the ice thick enough to support a quad and if not how far out is it to walk. Old coots either need thick ice or a short walk and hopefully a few fish. Havenít really had a banner day for several years.


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