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Temperature Ratings for Boots

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I take the ratings and cut those in at least a -60 boot would be -30 if your lucky.only boots i think are rated close to true are mickeys and bunny boots.muck arctic pros rated to -60 is a crock.mine cracked at 10f.

ice dawg:
I have snowmobile boots that are rated for 100 below, 1,000 gram thinsulate insulated boots and 2,000 gram thinsulate insulated boots. My feet will get cold in any of them. What matters most for me is to have some kind of barrier between my boots and the ice. I use rubber anti-fatigue mats for this. Walking around occasionally helps them stay warm also.

Thanks for the advice/comments everyone.  Was initially leaning toward the Borealis and pair it up with a zlite foam pad when stationery, but then I chickened out when I saw a pair of brand new Impacts for $125.

hardwater diehard:
Best advice/tips ...go up a size in your boot ...more wiggle room a compressed foot means no circulation...  anti perspirant spray ..sock liner an a wool sock. If the boots liner is removable ..take them out an wear them like slippers for a day or three will help with conforming to your feet.

chart below will show you size in inches ..very little difference/measurement between sizes as they go up ...but it does make a difference to have room in your boot

Seaocean happy to see so many responses to your question on boot temperature ratings given the time of year and lower overall activity level currently on this website. just a word of caution for you and others who see/read this thread I remember someone posting here on Ice Shanty about a possible link between the Aluminum compound used in some anti-perspirants/deodorants and certain health problems such as Dementia. There maybe some truth to this as the last time I purchased my chosen brand noticed it now states on the packaging the product is Aluminum free so might be wise to do some research and talk with your doctors.

Also a belated welcome to Ice enjoy the website plenty of information and opinions to be found among the topics/pages . may you be happy with the Baffin Impacts.



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