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Joe in T.C.:
During the soft water season, I like to troll for kings, coho, browns, steelhead, and lakers when the weather permits.

We Lost several of our tackle shops in the area so I went online looking.

Found Captain Chuck's ll in Ludington. It was a bit of a road trip but gave it a try.

WOW! I was blown away by the selection of trout and salmon trolling supplies, well worth the trip and I will be going back for sure.

I was like a kid in a candy store, there are literally thousands of spoons in stock, plus everything else you need for trolling (and other types of fishing).

They also have a great online store with accurate inventory shown. I did order a couple of divers online and they arrived correctly and quickly.

Just thought I would throw it out there if anyone was interested.

Good Luck all  :tipup:

Thanks Joe, Capt. Chucks is a great place for big lake tackle. Another place on the east side is Northwoods Wholesale Outfitters, in Pinconning. They have a huge tackle dept. that covers all types of fishing, but they really cater to the walleye guys. Found this place back in March, & was flabbergasted when I went there the 1st. time. Last week found me on that side of the state again,so I had to stop. Ended up replacing some of my Diver & planer board rods. They have some great deals on rod/reel combos & crazy prices on rods. Its about 10 minutes north of Frank's Great outdoors in Linwood. Another fantastic shop.Both stores have online purchasing also. If you get a day or 2 ,make a trip over that way. If you have a boat, Take it,you are like 5 minutes from Sag. Bay !

Joe in T.C.:

I will give Northwoods Wholesale Outfitters a try.
We take a road trip to Wilson's Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning at least once a year so we will be right in the area.
Thanks for the info

Good Luck all  :tipup:

Northwoods is my favorite store... The wife loves it too... Lots of of knick knacks and such for ladies to browse.... You will get lost in there.... But youll be happy you did

Joe try backcast in benzonia.


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