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I used to post on MFF w/ an open water report for Gull,but there was very little activity on that forum. Have not been there in a few years. As for Mich. Sportsman I was on there for just a few weeks. Lots of jerks. This past winter I was on a couple of FB icefishing pages & when I was warning guys about trespassing to get access on Gull, I to was told to get lost  & STFU. I promptly deleted all my posts & comments on those 2 pages & left. A week later, legal access to south bay on Gull was Gone !  Nowdays I mainly post on my own FB page & 1 other FB page that deals w/ Smelt fishing& leave it at that. Several of my FB friends are also members on here. Maybe I'll try MFF again & see what happens. I will say that most of the folks on here are decent & dont bash each other like other places do. It would be neat to stay in contact w/ those that I only see or chat w/ during the hardwater season.

I don't use FB.  I use to get on it but had problems about 6 years ago and tried to delete my account.  Even though I tried deleting it, it is still there.  Soooo, I just stopped going on it.  I haven't posted there since trying to delete it.  I agree with you on MS, I wouldn't post there again, even if I could!  But, like I said, I do go on there for a laugh every now and then.  I agree with you about MFF, it would be nice to keep up with guys who I have met on Ice Shanty.  And, it will be great to meet new fishermen who don't go on Ice Shanty because they don't ice fish.  It is great to be able to have another site to go and meet new people and share information about the sport we love!  I will be posting on MFF today about a great time my buddy and I had yesterday catching some amazing blue gill and sunnies.  I hope to see you there! 

Got out a few times sucker fishing past few weeks

Didnt take many pics... Most the fishing i did solo.... The double my dad got this past weekend.... Hoping to get the kataks out soon for some gills but we will see


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