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I just went on Myfishfinder.com's Michigan forum.   That is the brother site of Iceshanty but for soft water fishing instead of ice fishing.  I was surprised to find that I was the first one to post a thread for 2021.  The last thread on the Michigan forum was from last fall!  I was just as surprised that no one is using this great source for information.  If you haven't been on Myfishfinder, you are missing out.  Hopefully, this will remind everyone who enjoys IceShanty, that they do have a soft water version.  I can't wait to meet some of you, who don't ice fish and be able to share helpful information.  Until then, Take Care and Stay Safe! 

Its always been crickets and tumbleweeds there.

Joe in T.C.:
There are clickable links to the other sites at the very bottom of the ice shanty page.

They are pretty quiet, especially My Hunting Forum. The last post for Michigan was 2016!

Good Luck All  :tipup:


--- Quote from: DR.SPECKLER on Apr 24, 2021, 08:01 AM ---Its always been crickets and tumbleweeds there.

--- End quote ---

X2, not much info for the states i want there

  I use to post on the Michigan Sportsman web.   But, a couple years ago I was banned from posting on the site, for basically asking a question.  They chose to ban someone with over fifty years of experience fishing the Saginaw Bay, in order to continue doing a disservice to their members.   There are a few on there that can pretty much do whatever they want while continually sanctioning others for doing the same thing.  During one such incident they locked a thread so that no one could continue the conversation.  I asked, why does the moderator lock a thread when someone gets out of hand?  I offered that kicking them off the site would benefit the site much better.  I explained that those who are participating correctly can continue with the conversation and those who are not, will not be around to contaminate further threads.  As so happens,  I was told by someone to shut up and mind my own business.  As some of you on here may know, being a Marine, I wasn't going to let that go without some sort of retort.  Sooooo, I politely told them that I wasn't going to shut up and that I thought I had a valid concern.  The person who told me to shut up and mind my own business then told me, quite un-politely, to shut the f..k up or get kicked off the site!  I then told them that they were the kind that needed to be banned from the site, for using foul language.  Little did I know that that person happened to be the wife of one of the moderators.  I quickly learned that there was a click one the site that could basically do whatever they wanted, while all along banning people for doing less.  Since my departure, a lot of old regulars quit posting on the site.  I still go there to watch the chit show and I know of others who go on there for a laugh, as well!  Yes, they still have many followers however, 'most' of them are new to the site.  It usually doesn't take them long to figure out who's in the bus and who gets thrown under it, LOL.  There are a few guys who remain on the Saginaw Bay forum who are really good guys.  Ralph Smith and MM Bourdow, to name a couple.  If you frequent that site and need a recent report from the bay, don't hesitate to look for them, they know they're stuff!


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