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Ice conditions for this coming weekend (3/27-28) in the Bangor to Millinocket

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Hi yall. I moved down south a ways this winter away from the Bangor area but I am headed up to visit friends this weekend (March 27-28th) is the ice still holding around there? or how about up Chesuncook/Millinocket way?  Thanks for any replies I realize its gonna be tough to tell with the warm wet weather coming the next couple of days. If if you dont have guess on what it will be, tell me what it was last week.

Normally I'm right on top of conditions but I am bit out of touch this winter. I am hoping to get out on one of the usual suspects of lakes Hermon, Checsuncook, Ambajejus, Schoodic or the like.

Thanks for any updates.   

You might be ok this weekend but conditions vary. Some rain forecasted for Friday. I found 12 of soft ice on Monday in central Maine and 10 this morning.

Last week in Millinocket there was still plenty of ice, around 14"  There was no snow on the lake, and standing water in some places.  You should be fine this weekend, but the weak spots will start to get really thin with the rain coming Friday.

Was on pushaw last Sunday, still about 8-10 of good ice and about 4 of slushy ice. The edges were opening up though. Im calling it a season, good luck and god speed.

Was on the south end of Pushaw yesterday and similar conditions to GNFISHIN, although the slush was down to about 2"-3" and the good ice was closer to 8" just about everywhere I drilled


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