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 ??? what is the best portable ice shelter hub not pull over  ??? :tipup:

 :tipup: What size (how many anglers?), budget?

I have an Eskimo Quickfish 3i, good for 2 people and a heater. I'd like to get the 949i, just to have more room.

I have an Otter Monster Lodge 8x14 can stand up in and can fish the whole family in it.  Me, Wife, 2 kids (16 and 9), gear, heater, and a small fan and table with chairs.

Also recently purchased an Otter Cabin.  I don't care for it, it is short, smaller than the Quickfish in feel, and only has one door. :tipup:

If you fish anywhere it gets super cold, I recommend the insulated types.

i think the vortex resort hub will do it only 2 of us plus cots table etc.2 buddys heaters  ??? :tipup:

Otter in the size/configuration you need. I have Pro Cabin and really couldnít  be happier. Mine has two doors. Iíve had other popular brands... Otter is kinda like the Cadillac in my opinion

I have the Eskimo fat fish 949i, very nice set up and plenty of room to fish 3. I use foam exercise mats for a floor, keeps it a little warmer and more dry. Polar Bird is another great one Iíve used. Those are very nice, but pretty high end.


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