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Heading to camp next Thursday the 25th and staying until Monday the 29th.  Thought I would post now and hope folks would chime in with on-going conditions between now and then.  I know we are supposed to get a little warm up the end of this week, but am hoping things hold ok.  I think for the past 5 years or so, I have snowmobiled at least across the lake if not trail riding on April 1st.  This year has been a bit different so just hoping to get some info between now and then.  I have a few folks I can reach out to as I get closer to leaving, but curious what folks may know for the area.  Thanks for the help and I hope everyone finishes the season on a string note.   Thanks

Not as much ice this year as in the past few, but it should be ok for awhile.  The snow is starting to fade and I expect sled trails are sloppy when it's warm and icy when it's cold.

Others may have been out since I have and could provide better information. 

The trails around Presque Isle went down hill fast after last week. The lakes have been slushy all year and after the warm spell last week, followed by the cold snap this week pretty much frozen slush. Havenít been on Square but I have been on some other area lakes.

mostly glare ice with a few patches here and there of crusty snow. trails are hard as hell. with the warm up this week and snow going fast, i bet by time you come up you could use a wheeler. unless we get some snow its going to get damned bony for a sled. no snow forecasted in the 10day either..

Thanks guys.  I don't care to ride the trails I am just hoping to get back and forth across the lake to access camp and get a few days of fishing in.  Four wheeler could certainly be an option.  Never great riding the sled on the gravel of Burnt landing road for a couple miles.  hahahaha.   Thanks


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