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spring in saginaw bay

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Gentleman I am hoping to try my luck fishing saginaw bay this spring. I'm not looking for anyones honey hole but any general advice about areas, launches, etc. would be much appreciated.

Would love to tag a long with someone with another boat or take someone with knowledge of the area out on mine.

tight lines

I've fished Saginaw Bay walleyes for over 40 years.  I won the Caseville walleye tourney one year and took 4th another.  I just sold my boat last fall and won't have another til next fall.  I'd be more then happy to go out on your boat and help you catch some eyes.  We can troll, jig, cast, whatever you want to do.  I use to like trolling until I found a nice school and then slowly drift or troll with my electric motor, and either cast or jig.  All three presentations caught plenty of fish.  I still have over 100 hot-n-tots, 50 or more flicker minnows, a dozen Huskies and more spoons and jigging Rapala's then anyone should own, that I can bring along.  And, I probably have three dozen crawler harnesses and the stuff to make another 100 or so.  So if your lacking in baits, I have them.  I also kept my trolling rods with line counter reels.  If you don't have them I'll provide them as well.   If your interested just PM me and we'll set something up.

Yikes supposed to send that in a pm lol

Pm sent lmao hopefulky too many lurkers didnt save my gps pin lol

I was wondering what you were doing, lol!  Do you have any maps to your favorite Morel mushroom spots, ROFLMAO!!!  Oh, by the way, I do take PM's.


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