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I can hear the fat lady

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Shes heating up her vocal chords..... River walleye is almost here

Yeah, I got a copy of the lyrics during that fantastic cold snap we had a week or so ago. Unfortunately I was moving my family of four during that entire time and now itís getting all soupy out and thatís about all she wrote. Hereís to next year though! :tipup:

If you wanna catch some open water walleye from shore shoot me a pm... Water should be just right about thursday

I'm making one more go at it this weekend. most likley on foot. Allthough i'm getting reports of 8-10" on certain lakes above m-55

Took my gear out of the truck this morning. Fished a private lake last evening and got a few. The ice is honeycombing. I have my perm shanty on shore here at home. The shore ice is going in a hurry. 60's coming next week. Time to get the golf clubs back out.


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