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Cusk Smell?

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Caught two small cusk, cleaned them per the internet instructions. Then I caught an I pounder and went to clean and it smelled so bad. Stored the fish outside on the ice. Temp was cold. Anyone else experience this?

They definitely smell funny...

When you filet them, make sure you don't cut into the guts.  Stay high above the rib cage and cut along top of rib cage on spine.  Once you go through the length of the fish, grab the top of the filet near the head, and firmly rip down and towards the anal fin.  Should rip half way down rib cage.  Then work knife down fish rib cage towards belly meat.  If done correctly,  both filets come off in one piece. It took me a lot of practice on ocean cusk, it's not easy

Donít forget the belly meat! Especially on the bigger ones, itís really adds to the amount of meat they produce.

Light liner:
They smell like ling and burbot


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