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Best line for finicky panfish?

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I also am a caveman with limited gentile abilities... I use 6 lb magna thin.... Works for me... Maybe 4lb is i was having troubles but i dot seem to

Damn Michigan Neanderthals..jk but i routinely catch steelhead on 4lb leader when the river gets low and clear.ive used 1lb my entire life while icefishing.2lb sometimes.

Sorry I haven't been on for awhile I didn't get to fish this winter, I used the clear sewing thread for awhile. it is very fine and subtle as well as inexpensive, you can get it at Walmart or fabric stores, but you have to be gentle with it. That being said I would also had to lose a really big fish  because I went to light, good fishing.

2# green Tri-lene for both ice fishing and open water.  Went down to 1# once, just couldn't see it to tie knots.  If I can't catch em on 2#, they can stay in the water.  I might have to change my tone if my eyes keep getting worse, 3# might be in my future, lol.  Buddy of mine uses sewing thread, he told me I should start using it.  I looked at him and asked if he would tie my hooks on for me.  He just laughed!


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