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Best line for finicky panfish?

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What do you guys use to lay those finicky slabs on the ice? I am a hound for fine fishing line. I believe it is the most over looked piece of gear everybody has to buy. Everybody but the spearing guys that is.

I dont think line brand matters as much as the pound test.i use 1lb and micro jigs when fish get real pressured.

I started using the Clam Frost ( actually made by Sunline ) this season and like it a lot. The 3# has the same diameter as most 1# lines and I have had no issues.

I am to much of a cheeseburger eating gorilla to use 1lb line. About 3 lb is the lightest I am mature enough to use. Asso stuff has been good. Spider wire was nice but not in extreme cold weather. Going to try seaguar ice line next. Usually in clear or brown.

Doubles Shooter:
1 pound line is tougher than you think. The key is a good reel with a smooth drag. I can sit next to my friends that like 3 and 4 pound line and I'll out catch them three to one or higher using the same lure and bait. It's the only  way on a slow bite.


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