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Kamik Canucks


Not for me, but my buddy is about to purchase these boots.  My first reaction was NOOOOOOO!  I have a pair of Kamiks and they are not warm  Not the Canucks, but I know I have heard others on here say Kamiks suck, too.  Just wondering if anybody has these particular model and how they like them.  I did a search, but nothing came up. Thanks ahead of time for the input.

I have a pair. I don't use them for ice fishing, but they serve a purpose. I like good pacs for ice fishing. The Kamiks are left by the door to slip on to get mail or fill bird feeders. Because of the liners, they're comfy with bare feet. Works for me.

Thanks for the reply

Kamiks suck the big one. Including the Canuck. Want two like new pairs cheap?

Iíve got Kamiks and use them all the time and they keep my feet warm no matter how cold it is.  I am on blood thinners for my heart and am always cold except for my feet.  I have the hunter Kamiks.  Use them for fishing and hunting.  Bought them when I had problems when there was water under the snow and my pacs would get soaked.  Never had a problem with Kamik boots.


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