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New Carhartt Yukon Extremes? Anybody tried them?


I'm looking for some bibs and came across these recently redesigned Carhartt Yukon Extreme insulated bibs. From what I can tell they are made from a 500D cordura which makes them much less stiff than their predecessors. I know they are pretty new, but I was just curious if anyone has any on ice experience with them? Looking for thoughts.

If they are mainly for icefishing and not employment, at that price go for striker bibs. Besides being warm and durable, they float.

Yeah, at that price just get Striker Hardwater bibs.  On sale, you can get them way cheaper and they float.

I'm curious about these also. Being in Northern Ontario and fishing a lot of remote trout lakes, most days involve a lot of trail breaking, cutting and digging sleds out of slush. How do these stand up durability wise compared to previous Carhartt products? How good is the waterproofing? I like wearing the washed duck bibs and coat because they are warm and durable however the downsides being they are bulky with poor range of movement and are not waterproof.

Thanks! JB


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