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DWR - Durable Water Repellant for GoreTex

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Looking for some input with experience using a DWR for Gore Tex, Dry Plus, etc. I've used silicone based products in the past but wondering if technologic advances have a better, longer lasting solution.

Thanks for your consideration...

Found out last year my Shappell pop up shell was not water repellent and only water resistant. Had it out in my driveway set up during heavy rain and you could have used the sled for a bait bucket. Two inches of water in it. Called Shappell and they said to check out waterproofing brands for that 600 denier polyester. Starbrite was who I called and they recommended their water soluble product for use on any material. Have not used it yet this year but during a heavy rain this fall had a tablespoon of water in it. Available on line or at West Marine stores. Goes a long way.

Thanks for the reply AND for giving the other "waterproofing" thread a bump. I knew I'd seen something here "sometime". I was also looking at the Starbrite product as a value solution to the higher end stuff. Greatly appreciated!

So. Just purchased an Eskimo "knockoff" insulated hub. Seems like a pretty solid unit, but nothing about being water resistant or waterproof...just that it cannot handle heavy rain. Would the Star Brite help, even though the material is neither of the aforementioned to begin with? Thanks.

The water proofing products I've used kept water beading, but not long enough to make it water proof. Its better than nothing at all, but not by much.

I wash my water resistant garments in Nikwax products. Have not washed my cabeals gortex rain gear that uses dwr.


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