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Knee pads

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Ice fishing specific bibs have them. My strike master predator and the no-names before that both had padded knees. My motorcycle pants also have removable knee pads. If you have a pair of pants you like,  make some pads out of an old ensolite sleeping pad, or look through motorcycle web sites and order some nice molded ones, and adapt them to your bibs.

rgr that!

I’ve tried knee pads but now I prefer a small piece of dense foam pad to kneel on.  I think it’s one of those interlocking pieces you get at Home Depot.  I duct taped the ice side.  I also added a more cushy piece of regular foam to the top. 

x2 on the Strike Master Predator bibs, makes like more comfy on the ice.

Knee Pads....San Francisco Slippers!

Before I bought my Predator bibs, I used an old pair of Bowhunting coveralls and a pair of carpenter’s knee pads I picked up at Lowe’s.


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