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Knee pads

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The padding on the striker suits are absolutely horrible. They are amazing for about an hour on your knees then they are worthless. I bought some hardwater bibs at the end of last ice season and they are paper thin in the knees. My predator bibs are the same way.

One of my other passions as well as my profession, is as a cave explorer.  As such I wear knee pads all the time and have tried everything out there.   The best ones that I found is a company called Dirty Dave's.  They are comfortable and last forever.  They are designed for caves but certainly will hold up to kneeling in front of a hole on the ice.

Hillsfisher are these things worn underneath your bibs or on the outside?

You could probably do either, but made to be tough enough to be worn outside. 

That's what i was kinda hoping to hear.  Wasn't sure if they'd hold up to ice and snow.  Thx Man.


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