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Looking for warm jacket. 85% of the time i just wear 2 fleece and a hoodie with my fxr bibs. And i bring a fxr jacket in the sled. I jig and move allot . but want to get a wam jacket for when its 7 deg and winds blowing 20. Or if im out at night chasing walleye. Been looking at stryker.

I believe a good layering system is more important than the jacket you wear. I've worn my Frabill I3 suit in -40 degree windchills hole hopping and it's no secret that they aren't the best jackets. Moisture wicking base layer, long sleeve wool shirt, a hooded sweatshirt and my frabill jacket has always done the trick.

There are ALOT of new suits coming out this season, hard to keep track of them all. Eskimo just released a whole line up of suits.

Side note - do you have the FXR excursion jacket and bibs? I was looking into getting the bibs but if you don't think they can hold up with the cold temps then they won't work for me.

hardwater diehard:
Should add your location to your profile ..could be a deal in your area may help with sizing . Striker Ice makes some great jackets/parkas ..and they float . 100 grams insulation is the least amount to go with..there are other companies that make floating suits Eskimo ...Clam ..Ice Runner.. StrikeMaster ..a float suit is an investment and a piece of mind

not a bad choice/price ..seems out of stock right now ..

This video explains the kinds of suits SI makes and there intended  purpose.

I have striker jacket and hoody, they make great clothing. The hoody I have is the tundra and that by itself is usually good enough to ice fish in. But the comfort of knowing I have a suit that floats is nice for me and my family. I have owned them for 3 seasons now and they have held up with no issues, great quality.

hardwater diehard:
This may not fit the bill but others may see the need .. I just purchased two of these one in Large and one XL I can layer accordingly . I tend not to wear my SI Predator jacket/parka unless it brutal . So I have been looking at a hooded sweatshirt that would cut wind and be warm came up short (I have several hoodies that were not cutting it)so looked into the Guide Gear soft shell good price and seems very similar to the soft shell jacket that comes with SI Climate parka  (which I have in large but fits like ski attire )  The zippered chest pocket is large enough to fit my Samsung 9 in a leather case EZPZ.


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