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Any info for bluegill fishin.

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Weeds Weeds Weeds!

definately the way to go. bluegill need cover to get away from predators.

case and point: you don't play hide-and-seek in an empty parking lot, do you?

concentrate on weedy areas. my very best luck has been when i find a small opening in cover and drop my lure in it. seems to bring fish "right out of the woodwork" if you catch my drift.

but my best advice is concentrate on cover. for bluegills, definately weeds or timber.

does depth matter as long as there are weeds

hey water, panfish won't be in deep water, so fish 5-10 feet deep.   weeds help, but if you can find any drop-offs or points, bluegills and any other fish will be there.  try the weeds, but if they don't produce, go to either deeper, or shallower water.  good fishing!!!

I always caryy one thing with me when I ice fish blue gills is a nice small green jig. Also dont be afraid to move around . Drill a bunch of holes in a good spot and move from hole to hole.
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keep them coming :'(

I don't agree that gills don't use deep water.  Most of the time on most lakes they will be in les than 10 feet of water.  However, if the shallow water does not produce don't be afraid to try deep water(15-30+ ft).  I have caught bluegills in 40 ft of water while crappie fishing; they will usually be closer to the bottom,  but will suspend.  On one particular lake I fish the only place I catch gills is in 22ft of water at about 18ft.  Weeds hold gills until the weeds die off and no longer provide oxygen or food.  The next place to look is, as also stated above, in "the woods"  Stumps, fallen trees, fish cribs, etc. are a bluegills next favorite haunt.  If you can't find fish there chances are they went in search of, oxygen and/or warmer water.  The deeper water will have both of those Mid-season.  Just my .02.  Can't hurt to try, hey!

Eric ;D


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