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Ravo Himself:
So I just took my gf out for the first time and she actually enjoyed it so now it's time for her to actually buy some good boots for her. She really doesn't have any boots at all and she's prone to cold feet so I let her borrow my 1000g hunting boots and with big socks they fit loose but ok. She said her feet were warm all day so I was looking for women's boots in that range is insulation. The only problem is. All I can find is either not enough insulation like 200, maybe 400. Or a camo hunting boot which she would prefer not to wear.
So long story short, looking for suggestions on a good cold weather women's boots that's preferably not camo

Deal Ninja:
Donít buy her a womenís boot.  Sheís not out on the ice to show off her frilly boots.  She wants warm feet.  If you can tell me what size she wears in menís, Iíll locate you a great boot for ~ $100 or less.


My wife loves her Kamik Pack boots. And don't forget to get a good pair of Wool socks.

Ravo Himself:
She's got nice Merino wool socks. I told her that socks are more important. I figured men's boots would be fine too but still basically everything is camo

The problem I find with most boots is that they are too tight at the top. No room for pants to go inside of them. Hardly room enough for my long johns >:(

I have been looking for some wool socks and it is the same with them to tight at the top. I looked a dozen different kinds the other day. I am stuck wearing the two pairs that are almost worn out.


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