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Minot State Ice Fishing Tournament


Minot State Baseball:
Minot State Baseball is hosting its 3rd annual ice fishing tournament at Lake Audubon and Totten Trail Bar and Grill.
The Tournament will take place on January 19th!
Cost to enter is $100 for teams of two or three.
**First Place Prize is $1,000 and a Big Fish Ice Auger
Places 1-5 will also receive prize money varying based on the number of teams.
It will be a good day of fishing, with some good door prizes available.

There is a raffle for a Guided Fishing Trip to last mountain lake (Outside of Regina). Tickets will be $20 with the ability to win this prize valued at near $1000.

If you're interested please email [email protected] or call Trevor Gust at 701-822-2010.
You can also walk in to the Check in at 8:00am, please make checks payable to Minot State Baseball!

Look forward to seeing you out!

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