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I have been fishing on Columbia.  Ice is good about 5 inches.

If you are not a property owner with a valid  sticker on your windshield there is a VERY GOOD possibility your vehicle will get TOWED.  If you park without a valid sticker you are TREASPASSING and will be ticketed as well.

Lake Columbia is a private lake and security is patrolling

Apparently your a property owner

Yes,  I am a property owner we looked at all the lakes in the area and then settled on Columbia because it was private.

Well, it looks like it is over for this year. I was having a pretty good season until the Brutal cold, and the snow dumped here. How did the rest of you all do? Have a great soft water season.

Season too short for me. Did okay on gills and perch. Smelt not so good only was able to fish for them 3 times. Had work and other obligations. Last year seemed like I was fishing more. Need to just retire. I guess it is time to switch gears.  :'(. Tell next year.


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