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It looks like all the lakes around here are locked in. Clark only took 2 spud whacks to get through. Vineyard and Wamplers have about 2" of hard clear ice. If anyone is heading to Wamplers any time soon, you will probably need to go out from the beach for a while. They are doing some work near the boat launch. There is an earth mover stuck in the channel where it goes into the lake. A huge wrecker was attempting to get it out.

I checked the ice here yesterday and the spud went through in 2 whacks. That being said, 2 guys are out there fishing right now. Braver than me for sure.

me too!!!!!!:):)

I went by Devil's yesterday. It is completely ice covered, but with the rain and temperatures, we gotta hold off.

thanks for the up date skiff, i will be up around hanover visiting with my dad over x-mass and check things out


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