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Fargo/Moorehead Ice Fishing (freshman ndsu football player)


Hello my name is Jalen Sundell, I am from Missouri. I moved up to Fargo in the summer to play football. I love ice fishing, I have all my own gear, I am just not sure where to fish. We fished brewer lake and caught a limit of perch and a couple walleyes. I am looking for any slews or lakes within an hour or so that I can fish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I donít know that side of the state but the game and fish website lists all the lakes and the latest netting on them. Or try, this forum doesnít get much traffic.

South to the Hankinson area. Been catching smaller eyes on Lueck. West to valley city area, seems light many from Fargo that don't go into MN hit this area. Always seem to hear good things about Eckleson. Or buy a MN license and head east. Leaf seems to be where a lot of panfishers head. Not much structure to many lakes in this area of ND so be prepared to be moving and looking for fish.


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