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Not sure if anyone has any input or not, but I was wondering if there are any decent lakes for some ice fishing in western ND.  Not looking for specific spots, just general bodies of water.  I have family in Glendive, MT and make that way a couple of times during the winter.  It would be great to head a little more east while I'm there and try out some new spots.  Thanks and tight lines!

I live in glendive and I just bought a nd annual fishing license. I am going to try odland dam north of beach and camel hump along the interstate. Have not fished either of them but canít wait for hard water to try them out. South sandstone west of baker produced a lot of small perch and some decent pike last year. Hope this helps.

If your already in Glendive you might as well do Fort Peck. Heck of a fishery if you asked me. Especially if you enjoy peace and quiet as well as great fishing. Iíve spent some time there along the dry arm section and have seen little to nobody. If your coming from Glendive it would be easiest to get on out of rock creek, plus they keep that road clear for the most part. Another option would be right down the Missouri at Sakakawea.


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