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--- Quote from: jayman_1975 on Oct 10, 2018, 08:10 PM ---Get yourself a pair of these.  Warmest boots I have ever worn and I have blown a ton of money trying to find warm boots.  I have colder than normal feet and these are great.

--- End quote ---

50 bucks cheaper.

My vote is for the Cabelas Trans-Alaska Pac Boot.  I've had mine for 4 years, maybe more, still like new and the warmest boot I've ever had.  The only boot I've never got cold feet in.  And they are comfortable, not the greatest for long treks but OK.
Mine are dedicated to ice fishing with ice screws installed.
Boots are definitely a personal preference item - there are several on the market that will keep you warm.  Your style of fishing will be a big factor in boot selection, as well.

Welcome to the Shanty Stevepslab. There is a treasure trove of information on boots in those links up top! I tell all my friends and family when explaining Ice shanty that there are 80,000 members, if even only 10 [there are so many more than ten] of those guys have fished 30+ years and willingly come on here and give advice and tips and tricks they have learned. Then you can learn more on here than you can experience in a lifetime. Not to mention all the younger guys showcasing the innovation and evolution of the sport. Best of luck on your boot quest, happy hunting.

last season I started wearing the Muck Artic Pro and they worked great for me. I bought those and the Kahtoolas to start the season last year and I am very happy.

Good info distilled down here already. Proper fit (need toe wiggle room) and antiperspirant spray for sweaty feet ( I can't wear rubber boots at all) I like Sure unscented, are difference makers. My boots are 2 season old Cabelas Trans Alaskans. Same as fishforpike, first time in my life my feet have been comfortable.


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