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Late January @ Devil's Lake


putting together(hopefully not too late) trip to devil's lake. what can be expected mid winter from this perch factory? still haven't locked down a guide, and spots seem limited.

Check out brys guide service, that lake is just to massive at the moment to do it solo as a non local. It just changes to much, we do alot of homework before we tackle that lake.

Bryan in iowa:
Ditto on Brys . they put us on great fish . Good place to stay also .  Fished DL many years, went with guides lasy couple . Just to big to try and figure out bite. Nice to actually catch fish with the sort amount of time Im able to be there. Brys took us spearing for pike one day . IT was a blast !!! 

we are going out with brys in a snowcat the 24th and 25th of january. i cannot wait.

how did ya make out ????


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