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Thanks Bluefin!!!

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 Thanks for puttin on a day on the ice!!! Was Interesting as well as fun,Thats what counts. lets all give a big show of gratitude. Say thanks all of you that were there.

Yeah, that was a great way to end the season. I thought it was nice that you did that for the kids. All in all i thought it was a blast and i hope we get the chance to get together again next year and do the same.

thanks skipper, you old salty bassturd

No problem guys!  I had a blast.......Congrats to Scott W.!! 
If anyone is interested in doing some fishing this summer PM me.
Look forward to having a bigger one next season....mabye in Febuary! 

             yup thanks guys .nice group of people,caught my first pike ,got to  see ospreys and eagles (and
  even a couple of turkeys ;)).nice day to be on the ice.even got to use the GRIZZLY to haul out a honda!!! ::)


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