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Smelt fishing with a light

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My dad has a submersible light that they fish with for Smelt.  My question is has anyone ever tried a battery that say comes from your Vexilar to run this light?  Dad getting sick of hauling a car battery around so he was just curious?  Thanks, Brian

Yep! Works fine. You may want to bring more than one battery, depends on how long you want the light to run and the current draw of the light. You can easily figure this out by just submurging the light in a bucket of water at home then connecting up the light (this order is a must or else you may run the risk of cracking open the light bulb) and time how long the light lasts.


You can get a 12 volt rechargeble battery with the recharger for about $25 dollars at Cabelas. Mine runs several trips without losing it's charge and it's easy to recharge.

So will one battery last for one night of fishing or will it take two?  Still lighter to bring two fishfinder batts then from the car. Thanks, Brian

Unless it's really cold I've been very successful with just the one. Good Luck be careful on the ice!


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