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Well it is time to head out and start fishing the back lakes around Kingston.  Most reports from locals are indicating 6-8" of ice on the lakes.  This weekend's assault will begin in Verona Lake looking for walleye, pike, perch and crappies.  Hopefully will get to 2nd Depot Lkae on Sunday but the conservation authority is still adjusting water levels so we will see.

Nice to see another Kingston member on board, I spend my time on Dog for the most part...maybe we can swap locals...I have never been on Verona

I'm a local too.

This year so far we have been on Upper Rock Lake, Loughborough and BofQ.  I am probably off to Spring Lake tomorrow morning for eyes and crappie, and may stop at Loughborough on the way home for some Lakers.

Cccccooooold morning!

Not much to tell other than a few perch (one fat one) and my buddy caught a 3lbs pike.

The very west end of Loughborough now has about 7" and I saw a few ATVs and snowmobiles out.

Well today was quite cool with the wind but got a few good hours of fishing in.  There is a good 10-11" of ice on Verona Lake and all of it good ice.  The bite was quite fast and furious for the first 90 minutes.  Caught several pike 3 to 9 lbs and a lot of perch.  Had a good 'eye to the hole but lost him.  The wind made things a little raw and had to constantly clean the holes.  Regardless, was a great day for getting out of the house.  As for the postings of my Kingston colleagues, look forward to hearing about your adventures around Dog, Loughborough, and some of the other lakes.  5th depot seems to be the hot spot for 'eyes right now.  Will check it out probably next week.


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