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Headed to try little bay de noc for first time ever. Any general advice, ice conditions, reports would be appreciated. Hoping to bring my small side by side honda pioneer 500 which is basically an enclosed four wheeler. Thanks

They are just getting out with quads and snowmobiles on upper bay. Have not seen any side by sides yet but we are making ice for last two days,but warm up coming. Fishing has been pretty good.

Thank you. I've been reading the blades report. I have a small side by side. Honda 500. It's basically a covered four wheeler. Its 4x4 with chains. I'm hoping to get out pre-light sat and just go off the day's river launch? Having never been out there I figured I'd head to the first drop off.

I appreciate the input.

plenty ice for a SXS just stay away from river mouths and Saunders point/narrows.


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