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eskimo outbreak 450xd


im looking at getting a 450xd for when the family wants to go, or a couple of buddies. looking for reviews from people who own or have been in one. max would be 3 adults and one child. pros? cons? or any thoughts one one.

I find 4 people get a bit snug inside depending on other gear, 3 is fine, if you plan having the fam out often get the 650xd.

agree with coolasice.  I would go for the 650XD.

Love my 450XD, top-notch hub.  The walk-thru door and insulated StormShield fabric are especially great.

However for your situation, I agree with the above posters - go for the 650XD if bringing the family out.  It only weighs a few more pounds than the 450XD.  I cannot see actively fishing (jigging) any more than (3) people inside the 450XD.  Having (4) adults and a bit of kit just sitting idle inside awaiting the next flag gets cozy in a hurry.

Good luck!



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