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6'x8' Tip Down Shack

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There's a fiberglass shack up for blind bid at my work, and I'm thinking about putting in a bid.  It's a 6'x8' shack, resting on a couple of beams.  I've been thinking about making a shack similar to Beeler's tip-down that he showed a couple of years ago, and think this might be a candidate for the build (especially considering the cost of lumber these days).  It would be nice to build it onto a frame that sets down on the ice, but in my area, I should be able to pick up an old boat trailer for the cost of new drop axles.  Trying to keep things on the cheaper side.

Do you all think this would make an alright shack?

Has anyone built a permanent shack from a fiberglass shack/shed?

Uncle Al:
lazyMlazyK, well, did you get this?

Night be a tad heavy but if you got something to tote it around i bed it would hold heat awesome


--- Quote from: Uncle Al on Feb 11, 2022, 06:43 AM ---lazyMlazyK, well, did you get this?

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Still don't know.  Hoping to hear back this week.


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