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Really fun start to 2021/22 season.

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Hi all,

Iíve been lucky enough to have lots of spare time recently, especially since it coincided with ice up this year. Crappie have been plentiful but a lot of small ones but Iíve yet to travel further in search of bigger ones as Iíve been kind of lazy and been staying on a spot 5 minutes from home. The walleye have been on fire, big ones mainly, so not many kept, I like to put the big ones back and you can only keep one over 18Ē anyway.

Here are some pics and videos from the last week and a bit.

Check your PM's.


 Looks like a great time thanks for sharing

Very Nice! I finally got out on Monday (Shirley's Bay) Ottawa and caught several nice perch! it was a great breakfast for Tuesday morning they were extra yummy!

Just awesome! Great photos


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