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Anybody on the Bruce peninsula?

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Hey guys, also from the Bruce Peninsula area and impatiently waiting for good ice. I was out on Chesley lake on 10JAN2021 and it was a bust (as usual).

I see there is some experience with Cameron lake. I'm looking to maybe take Friday off and get up to a new body of water. Was there any success there and is there a public access?

Also curious about Miller lake. I've heard that some of the locals (one in particular) really doesn't like anyone fishing on the lake unless they get permission from them specifically. As far as I know it's public land/lake, but i'd like to also confirm this.

Any help would be great!

Also, just as FYI, Chesley has about 3.5 inches as of Sunday night. Aaron reportedly has about the same, about 4 inches. Aaron has been hit pretty hard considering it was the first lake with ice and last weekend was great for weather, so families went out to enjoy the perch action.

I get locals being frustrated with people fishing but as far as I am concerned you can fish any lake youíd like that has public access. Iíve seen a ton of fishing pressure on these small lakes in the past 6 years that Iíve been in the area. I know people are pretty protective of certain spots and lakes and I get that as Iím the same not giving out to much info is always a good thing especially in a forum online or worse yet YouTube.  Telling people they need permission from you to fish the lake is a little crazy. I wouldnít even stop to entertain him. To my knowledge you can not own a natural lake in Ontario. My buddy in the north has a lake his property surrounds so itís land locked by him and he still doesnít own the lake. If there is a boat launch or public access then your good to fish.  Send me a pm for access spots. I donít want to see these lakes fished like chesley and arran as they are already hit pretty hard in the summer months.  I get there are not many spots to go in our area but people keep way to much and small ones from these small lakes.   I actually came across a few people last year that kept every perch they cought. Had a bucket full of fish that should have been back down the hole. Was all I could do to not put him down the hole. Lol  I say my 2 cents and a have a good day knowing he will just continue to be what he is.  Iíve lost some pretty sweet spots in northern Ontario due to people overfishing them keeping everything they catch or fishing them 5 times a week.  Youíd be surprised how quickly a good hole is killed by being overfished. Sad as these lakes have great potential if we fished them properly. Sorry for the long post. I do like people lol. Also if your headed up Friday send me a pm and maybe we will cross paths. Not looking very cold plus if we get some snow could be not so good for the ice. 

Yeah, it's a situation where they don't own the lake obviously, but they own all the land around the lake and they tend to protect it through false scare tactics. Anyways, couldn't agree more, you need to be able to access a public lake.

That all being said, I am looking to get to Cameron. If I do, I'll be sure to message and see if we can get after some eyes.

Tight lines!

Well I can tell you Miller lake has a few public access areas plus multiple property owners. Iíve never had a problems fishing there. Parking seems to be the real issue at most of these areas.

Ps public lakes you canít get to do exist  like in my friends case he owns all the property around it and the only legal way would be to fly into it I think if you wanted to fish it.


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