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Anybody on the Bruce peninsula?

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Well Weichelh did you ever make it north for the day? I havenít been out since that worm spell we just had but looks good and cold now and for the following week or two.

Never made it up North yet. Was waiting for the cold water to come back before making the drive to find out thereís not enough ice. Maybe next week

Iím sure this cold will help big time. Iím trying to get out this week so if I do Iíll post ice thickness for ya.

Thatíd be great, thanks!

Was out on Miller lake for a few hours this evening. 4-6 inches of snow on ice plus pretty strong winds. Ice was 5-7 inches at best with some pretty good slush holes. Not atv/sled friendly yet if you ask me. Pretty slow evening but always good to get out.


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