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Anybody on the Bruce peninsula?

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Just thought Iíd throw this out there to see if there are any more people from my area on the site. Been patiently waiting so far but boy I canít wait to get out. Checked a few lakes the other day. Still lots of open water on some spots.  A few others I actually spuded out 30-50 feet on a few but still lots of water plus snow on top ice not much black ice. Pretty soft and white. Still was looking very promising however not enough to drop a line that day maybe a week with whatís in the forecast should be able to get rid of the itch.

I'm on the Bruce peninsula, only ever fished on Arran and Chesley. Was out a bunch this week catching perch and Pike. I'd like to start fishing up the Peninsula a bit more. Which lakes were you checking the ice on?

I have been to Miller Gillies Cameron and Cypress along with Arron and chesley lakes. Those are the ones I fish during hard water season. I also fish the muskoka area when Iím aloud lol. Iíd like to try Gould but not really sure there is access to it. 

Ever tried Mountain lake or Francis Lake?

I have not although Iíve been thinking about trying them also bass lake looks pretty interesting on the topo. 30+feet is seldom seen in these lakes. Iíll be hitting up a bunch of spots in the next week or so. Sure could use some cold nights.  Iíve got a kinda large 2 person flip so Iím kinda waiting on a few more inches to be on the safe side before I take that out. I fish solo around this area a lot so I kinda stick to the lakes that others are fishing during early ice. How much ice was on chesly and arran over the weekend? I herd there were quite a lot of people fishing. I was in the north peninsula checking lakes.


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