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Wyoming Bragging Board Rules

All questions or concerns will be addressed by appleye, a long time member of the Shanty. The rules are pretty simple and as follows:

1) All fish to be entered are caught on the ice in the state of Wyoming 2018/2019

2) Any kind of fish allowed. No size requirement

3) To enter include photograph of the fish photographed on the ice outside with the person who caught it. Include a photo of the fish being measured with some sort of measuring device, ruler, tape measure etc. and state the the lake and date fish was caught. Add a short story if you'd like!

4) Have fun!

Prize: Bragging rights until someone catches the next larger fish!

Please post only pics and congratulation comments in this thread to keep it somewhat clutter free. If you have any questions or comments for appleye, please post them in the Wyoming Bragging Question thread. LINK TO THE THREAD  :tipup:

Here is a beautiful brown! Cody Wyoming area


This Northern is from Keyhole reservoir Caught Dec. 9 2018. I was fishing for crappies when a mark appeared above the crappies at about 10' over 30'. I was using a PK predator on 6lb line, took 15 minutes to get to the hole, then I had a 6". Not sure how I managed to get on the ice but I did. Had a gentleman close by take the picture. The photo next to the rod is for reference (forgot a tape measure} At home the rod is 41". I just built the rod a couple weeks ago for crappies and perch. I guess the rod is broke in. It took about 20 minutes to revive the fish but she came back kicking and swam away. Biggest northern I've ever landed in Wyoming or on the ice fishing. Estimated weight it 22 to 23lbs using a length to weight conversion.  ;D

 :clap: Now THAT'S a Braggin Board fish! Nice job! :bow:

wow appleye..heck of a fish. nice work!


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